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Innovation is becoming a competitive necessity even for such conservative market like Asset Management. In AGAM we have proved that implementing new technologies and strategy can achieve material cost benefits through a reduction in data manipulation, the decommissioning of legacy infrastructure and lower frictional costs of investment. Ultimately, our investors become the greatest beneficiaries.

The new technologies

Higher revenue from greater assets, while experiencing greater profitability by decreasing operational costs bringing a radical shift in the way we think about financial assets management and the way the financial industry will operate in the future. In the end, the real winners are the clients who benefit from lower fees, greater value, and better returns. With Atlantic G.A.M that has already begun to happen

Our Approach

By combining the unique features of our insights, resources and active management capabilities bringing a truly differentiated experience to our investors. Providing high rate of return investment we have developed processes and skills which we believe are well suited for quality services through high-tech Internet platform, while maintaining high growth rates and effective risk management.

Our Mission

Producing maximum investment income with minimal risk for a wide variety of our clients, by using innovative approach asset management in the global investment market.

Our Strategy

Buying highly liquid shares of the fastest growing companies worldwide, state and municipal bonds, debt securities and options contracts

Focus on the further development directions

* Preparing companies  for IPO

* Factoring

* Refinancing

Partnership with major marketing brokers

Improving customer service due to advanced IT technologies

Effective credit risk management using complex modeling data analysis



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